There is a completely private treatment room, so you can use it with confidence.

We provide high-quality healing treatments that help each and every customer who has problems such as "somehow feeling unwell" or "feeling tired" to keep their mind and body in good condition. As a relaxation salon that is ideal for body maintenance, it has been used by many customers living around Kamimashiki-gun.
As you are busy with work and housework every day, your body will inevitably get tired, so it is important to take good care of yourself after understanding your physical condition. Why don't you spend a high quality relaxing time to heal your daily fatigue and get your mind and body in good condition in a completely private treatment room that doesn't bother you?


Offering various relaxation menus in Kamimashiki-gun

body care
  • Fir loosening 120 minutes

    ¥ 8,500

  • Fir loosening 105 minutes

    ¥ 7,500

  • Sample text sample text sample text sample text

    1000 yen

  • Sample text

    1000 yen

Body treatment
  • Lymph drainage 100 minutes

    ¥ 10,500

  • Lymph drainage 100 minutes

    ¥ 10,500

  • Lymph drainage 100 minutes

    ¥ 10,500

  • Lymph drainage 100 minutes

    ¥ 10,500


Experienced and reliable therapists will respond


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It is convenient because there is a parking space right next to the bus stop.


company name

Healing hand folds

Street address

1488-1 Kinokura, Mifune-cho, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto Grand Jute 202

phone number
business hours

12: 00-17: 00


We offer a wide range of treatment menus such as oil treatment, reflexology, and lymph drainage so that each customer with different concerns can be treated with satisfaction. As well as tiredness, we also deal with problems such as stiff shoulders, back pain, and coldness, so please feel free to contact us. We perform the best healing treatment for tired women and help to prepare the mind and body.